Based on the radionuclide molecule used we have different studies such as FDG-PET CT, PSMA-PET and DOTA PET.


FDG is the acronym for fluorodeoxyglucoe. This is a radionuclide molecule that belongs to the family of glucose. This is useful in detecting cancer as the cancer cells require glucose to grow hey absorb this FDG which is radionuclide when patient is passed through the scanner, the parts of the body showing high glucose uptake are highlighted thus we can detect the location of the cancer as well as its spread in the whole body.


PSMA study for prostate specific membrane ___________. This is specific for prostate cancer. It will get highlighted and picked up easily. Also all the places of spread of this cancer in the body also express PSMA and thus will also be easily detected.


Here Gallium molecule is used which is specific for the detection of neuroendocrine tumors. Thus in case of suspected NET or a case of proven NET, this is useful to assess the extent of spread and help to plan treatment as well during follow up.

Nuclear Medicine

Using the different radioactive nuclide molecules specific for an organ with the help off gamma camera we can detect the active disease of that particular organs. The various nuclear scans series available at GIC are:
Renal Scan: DTPA and DMSA are the two nuclear studies that we perform for renal function.
DTPA scan gives information about the function of the kidneys, i.e., how much a kidney is functioning.

DMSA Scan gives information about the structure of he kidneys whether there is any damage in structure or not?

Bone Scan: In case of patient with breast and prostate cancers or any other cancer which raises a suspicion of spread of cancer to bone. This scan is useful. It is the study of entire skeleton for detection of presence of any cancerous (bone metastasis).
Thyroid scan: To detect various disease affecting the thyroid gland, Iodine radionuclide are injected. Based on the function of the thyroid, iodine uptake will vary. So, it is useful in detecting the function of thyroid. Also, in case of thyroid cancers. The main location in thyroid as well the spread in ret of the body can also bee assessed. In case the patient recover iodine therapy, response assessment is also easily done.

Parathyroid Scan: The isotope specific for parathyroid gland is injected. The parathyroid gland is a small gland having 4 parts situated in the thyroid gland. Any pathology of the parathyroid gland is picked up by this scan.

Thallium Scan: This study is specific to know the heart function, its capacity. Thus in case of reduced capacity the activity reaching the walls will bee less and picked up by this scan.
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