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About Sadbhav Imaging Center
Sadbhav Imaging Centre (SIC) is a sub-branch of Gujarat Imaging Centre. Sadbhav Imaging Centre (SIC) is situated at the heart of Ahmedabad, Ellisbridge Area. The main motto to establish Sadbhav Imaging Centre is to help needy patients with latest technology and delivering perfect diagnosis of the disease at most affordable rates.
Sadbhav Imaging Centre is the only centre in Ahmedabad to have to back-to-back two 1.5 Tesla MRI machines, one Multislice CT Scan and most advanced PET-CT Scan machine. Sadbhav Imaging Centre is committed to serve its patients 24×7. In helping hours (During 10.30 pm to 6.30 am), needy patients can avail the MRI services at discounted rates.
Sadbhav Imaging Centre has very good team of Radiologists who are having expertise in the various imaging investigations. At Sadbhav Imaging Centre, all kinds of Radiodiagnosis investigations are being done. Till date, we have done more than 20000 MRI, 12000 CT scan and 5000 PET-CT Scan.
Team of Doctors